About me

Hi! I'm Simon, a senior at the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science at WPI.

I'm broadly interested in mathematics and computer science, with my primary research interests lying in theoretical computer science and cryptography. In general, I am most excited by problems at the intersection of theory and practice.

Outside of CS and Math, you may find me petting my 

, making movies, playing minesweeper/football/

, listening to the same three songs on loop, or walking on my hands.


Over the past few years, I've been excited to use research to explore connections between mathematics and computer science. Along with other ventures, I've been working on projects in cryptography and theoretical computer science in conjunction with the MIT PRIMES program, under the mentorship of Sacha Servan-Schreiber @ MIT CSAIL.

For more details on my work in crypto or other areas, please see my projects.


  • 11/2022: Our paper "Private Access Control for Function Secret Sharing" has been accepted to S&P2023!

  • 11/2022: Our recent project has been awarded the Bronze prize at the S.T-Yau High School Science Award (North America)!

  • 11/2022: Our recent project has been named a semi-finalist the S.T-Yau High School Science Award (North America)!

  • 10/2022: Our recent project on private access control has been invited to present at the AMS-PME Undergraduate Poster Session at the Joint Mathematics Meeting (JMM 2023)